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Removing, rebuilding, and reinstalling transmissions

Removing, rebuilding, and reinstalling transmissions

Thorough Evaluation of Your Transmission

A transmission is a complex part of your automobile. There are many parts from clutch packs and gear assemblies to pumps and servos that make up your automatic transmission. All of our rebuilt transmissions start with a complete and thorough evaluation and diagnosis of the problem: test drive, visual and mechanical evaluation, and if necessary, computer diagnostic scan and monitoring. Call D & M Transmissions for a quote on your transmission rebuild today.

Learn about transmission overhauls

Once it has been determined that the transmission needs to be overhauled cannot be fixed with a simple repair, the transmission is carefully removed from the vehicle and taken to one of our expert rebuilders. The rebuilders then completely disassemble the transmission and thoroughly clean all hard parts.


Every part is extensively inspected and checked for wear or damage and replaced as necessary. All wearable items, such as clutch packs, O-rings, seals, and gaskets are replaced with high-quality parts. The transmission is then reassembled with a re-manufactured torque converter. The rebuilder then returns the transmission to our remover or installer. The cooler and lines are flushed and the transmission is reinstalled, adjusted, and taken on a road test to ensure the transmission is running at peak efficiency.

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